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Fake a life
take a selfie!

Welcome to the dawning of the duplicit duplicator, Jonny Zerox, who proudly describes himself as the art scene's freshest rotten apple and with the battle cry ‘Fake a life, take a selfie!’ Zerox seems armed with the uncontrollable urge to multiply.

Inky Dream

Celebrating the end of original thought the self appointed founder of the Remix society appears prolific, expanding and unstoppable. Jonny admits to repeating himself when under stress, he is the self-proclaimed original fake, the first of many and the new kid on the well-trodden block.

But approach with caution, this new messiah of pop arts foray into life was far from an immaculate conception, Zerox claims to having been conceived during an office party atop of a photo- copy machine and thus he says: 'I was destined to multiply.'

Rebel Rebel

Working from his ivory studio The Velvet Chapel, a now defunct Welsh Baptist church situated in the former hometown of John Cale the founder legendary Band 'The Velvet Underground' Zerox has created an homage for the Pop Art movement.

Jonny describes himself as a pathological replicator and is producing at an alarming rate some of the most innovative, if not familiar, works of art the country has ever seen, the ultimate goal being to self-replicate and thus perpetually immortalize himself.

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